Terry Gaasterland for City Council 2018


 Your Voice Matters.


Residents First - work to find viable solutions


  • Listen to all sides before deciding how to vote.
  • Listen and discuss with respect.

Preserve our beaches, bluffs and wetlands


  • Living in Del Mar means enjoying and protecting our natural resources and our neighborhoods.
  • To address Climate Change concerns, monitor risks and plan ahead.  
  • Implement Sea Level Rise adaptation tools in advance. 
  • Respect the voter-approved 1988 Beach Protection Initiative and Del Mar's sea walls.  
  • Institute fire protection plans to ensure Del Mar and Crest Canyon are prepared.  
  • Protect Public Works, sewer lift, and firestation from river flooding. 
  • Address upslope irrigation to reduce bluff erosion. 
  • Replenish our beach sand on a regular basis. 

Preserve our neighborhood character


  • From 941 to the Bluff Resort to the home next door: Design Review and Public Input will ensure projects meet Del Mar values.         
  • Local control on land use 
  • Follow our Community Plan.
  • Community Input - listen, learn, respond.
  • Del Mar lacks a Short Term Rental (STR) policy that will prevent disruption to neighborhoods and preserve Del Mar's residential character. I defended 28/7 before the Coastal Commission in Chula Vista.  They rejected 28/7 and approved 100 days per year with 3 days minimum (100/3). The city has sued the Coastal Commission to determine who has authority to determine residential zoning policy. Once the courts decide, we can determine next steps and establish policies that work for and protect Del Mar's residents and neighborhoods.

Maintain our beaches through sand replenishment



  • Add Sea level Rise Adaptation Plan to the Community Plan first.
  • Develop a long-term beach sand plan within two years.
  • Fair zoning to protect our oceanfront and bluff-top properties.

Partner with local businesses to create a thriving downtown



  • Streetscape, Parking, Businesses for residents and visitors.
  • Promote our weekly Farmers Market.
  • Institute a new Museum space highlighting Del Mar's past, present and future.

Strategic Undergrounding, Streetscape and Shores Park



  • Make improvements a reality by using Measure Q funds.
  • Underground wires for fire safety,  clear views, and beautification.
  • Encourage local neighborhood plans to eliminate poles.

Affordable housing plans that benefit neighborhoods



  • Implement reasonable, cost effective plans that benefit our neighborhoods.    
  • Work with the Fairgrounds to find shared solutions.

Cost effective, enhanced public safety services



  • Negotiate cost effective, enhanced Sheriff services with better response times within the year.     
  • Ensure continued excellence in lifeguard services.

Safe railroad crossings to access bluff and beach



  • Work vigorously to establish two or more designated sites to cross between 6th and 11th Streets.
  • Find a path to careful crossing after “Stop, Look, and Listen”. 

A Sustainable Del Mar



  • Reduce impact on local environment.
  • Partner with neighboring cities for Local Energy Solutions.
  • Protect our mature trees.
  • Recycle carbon.

Reduce Plastic



  • Produce less.
  • Pick up and collect plastic waste from our ocean and lagoon.
  • Educate - how much does each of us use in a month?

Wise Water Use



  • Sustainable Landscaping.
  • Irrigate with Recaptured Water.
  • Reduce upslope irrigation, capture storm water flow, Prevent Bluff Erosion.


Terry Gaasterland - 15 year resident of Del Mar. Many years of service Protecting the Community Plan


Finance Committee member and Chair (2008 - 2010)

Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee Chair (2015 - 2018)

Design Review Board member (2017 - present)



Tenured Professor, Computational Biology and Genomics, Univ. California San Diego

Member, Institute for Genomic Medicine, UCSD

Muir College Faculty, UCSD

Co-Founder and Vice-Pres. (re-elected 4 terms) Intl. Society for Computational Biology 

100+ published research articles on  genomes and genetic basis of human disease 

Education - Training - Experience - Honors 

Duke University, 1984 - BS, Computer Science & Russian

University of Maryland, 1988 - MS, Computer Science, Systems

University of Maryland, 1992 - PhD, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence

Design Engineer 1984-1988 - Texas Instruments, Process Control Systems

Enrico Fermi Scholar, 1992-1994 - US Department of Energy

Computer Science Faculty, 1994-1998 - University of Chicago

Head of Lab, 1998 - 2003 - The Rockefeller University

Presidential Award (PECASE), 2000 - US National Science Foundation

NYC Mayor's Award for Excellence in Science & Technology, 2003

Director, Scripps Genome Center, UCSD, 2004-2017

Fellow, International Society for Computational Biology, 2018

Biotechnology Entrepreneur

 Co-founded, advised, consulted biotechnology companies aimed at understanding gene systems for improved drug development and understanding risk for disease  



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